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Everyday Pioneers

Drawing on Hunter’s history of protection and pioneers, we introduce the Field collection.


A collection with a focus on performance and function, it features designs born out of advances in manufacturing and innovative materials. Working on the ethos of protection, craftsmanship and intelligence, every design has been created for those who require excellence in all weathers and landscapes. Bringing this collection into their unique environments are Ole Hansen and Lucy Sandys-Clarke, pioneers in their own fields. Though placing value on heritage techniques, they developed their crafts and harnessed them for the modern world.

Ole is a salmon smoker, who set up his London smokehouse in Stoke Newington. Turning to the notebooks of his grandfather, he carefully recreates his original methods from 1923, bringing back the family business that lay dormant for a generation.

We spoke to him at his smokehouse to find out more about his business, how he came to choose his craft and the values that lie behind his work.

Lucy is a blacksmith, based in the remote village of Dent in Cumbria. Using a traditional open coke fire at her forge, she practices techniques employed by blacksmiths for hundreds of years. Her work ranges from traditional items including Suffolk latches to large-scale commissions such as architectural installations.

We went to Lucy’s forge to explore the Cumbrian countryside and find out more about the methods she uses to create her wrought iron works.

The Field collection features boots for all terrains, including the renowned Balmoral and the new Norris Field boot. The Balmoral has undergone innovative development for 2014, while the new Norris takes the design style of our iconic Original Tall but is re-engineered with advanced and resilient elements.

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