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ノリス フィールド ブーツ

Discover the Norris Field Boot, a new Hunter Wellington style, fusing the unique design of the iconic Original Tall boot with new developments.

ハンターウェリントンブーツの新しいスタイルで、代表的なオリジナル トール ブーツのユニークなデザインに進化を加えた、ノリス フィールド ブーツをご紹介します。

The boot is named after Hunter’s pioneering founder, Henry Lee Norris, who established the company in 1856. Looking for somewhere to start his business, he arrived in Scotland, where he founded the North British Rubber Company – later known as Hunter. There he produced rubber boots, using the newly patented and innovative vulcanisation process, which created durable rubber from the soft raw material.

As part of Hunter Field, built on the design ethos of protection, craftsmanship and intelligence, the boot has been through several advancements to enhance durability, while at the same time creating a boot that is lightweight and comfortable.

The boot is made from a new and innovative soft rubber compound, which has been introduced for strength and flexibility. This has been verified by flex tests, in which 500,000 movements were performed in both wet and dry conditions. Further updates have been made to the design including a newly developed sole with a durable heel, a new weatherproof strap detail and high grip zigzag tread for use across more challenging terrain.

The Norris Field boot features a range of styles and colours, available to shop now in store at our Regent Street flagship and online.

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