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-The Making Of An Icon: The Original Boot-

Representing Hunter's spirit, the Original boot has developed from the designs worn by pioneers. We look at the journey of the boot from its beginnings to today, where it lies at the heart of the Hunter brand and is worn by those who lead.

ハンターのブランド精神を代表するオリジナル・ブーツは、パイオニアたちによって愛用されたデザインから発展を遂げた。 常に先駆者によって履かれ、ハンターブランドの中核にある オリジナル・ブーツの誕生当初から今日までの軌跡を辿る。

The story of the Wellington boot begins in England in the early 19th century. The Duke of Wellington commissioned famed London shoemaker Hoby of St James to modify his military Hessian boots. These first boots, the Duke's namesake style, were made of leather, cut close to the calf and were designed as a fashion item.

Later with technological advances, the boots were made from rubber, employing the innovative technique of vulcanisation, patented in 1844. The rubber material ensured that the boots were completely waterproof. Because of their protective qualities, the boots were worn by explorers, farmers and soldiers in the field.

Using many of the same techniques, today our boots are handcrafted from 28 parts and carefully hand assembled on the Original last from 1956. With craftsmanship central to Hunter, this dedication ensures the boots offer exceptional fit and comfort. Watch the making of our iconic design:

The Original boot inspires our designs. Features of the Original detail our boots and outerwear, including the moustache detail and the signature Hunter tread.

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