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StoriesOlivia Lopez Wear the Original Short

Olivia Lopez, the Californian writer behind popular fashion and travel blog, Lust for Life, styles the iconic Original Short for a day in downtown Los Angeles.

カリフォルニアのライター、オリビア・ロペス。人気のファッション&トラベルブログ"Lust for Life"のブロガーでもある彼女が、L.A.の街でハンターのオリジナル ショートのスタイリングを紹介します。

Inspired by the name of an Iggy pop song, Olivia has been working on her blog since the age of 14 and is renowned for her carefully curated wardrobe and inimitable style.

For her city-ready ensemble, ideal for the transition to festival season, the LA-native looked to her trip to Coachella Festival earlier in the year, taking inspiration “from Jane Birkin and Kate Moss” to pair the iconic short boots with a long sleeved mini and low-key accessories. “A perfect duo for city festivals braced for unpredictable weather.”

Handcrafted from 28 parts, this timeless style is completely waterproof with the same structure as the iconic Original Tall Boot, first introduced in 1956. Discover the full festival collection here.

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